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INK – I Now Know/I Need to Know

Acronyms are what makes teaching so much fun. Why waste time saying a couple of words when you can simplify it into an instantly forgettable acronym?

Luckily I am going to introduce a (hopefully) new acronym that you won’t forget and you will fall in love with.


INK is our new term for the central point in our self assessment resources. INK is a special acronym as it has two meanings, depending on your view point. INK stands for either I Now Know or I Need to Know.

INK is such a useful acronym for self assessment, as the children can tell you something they now know from the lesson, whilst also telling you something they’d like you to help them find out next lesson. I really fits into the category of great assessment. It can be used as both a tool for review as well as a target setting guide.

We have made quite a range of INK self assessment resources for you to use in your classroom. Our most popular being our INK labels. Below is an example of one such INK label, click the images to see them in more detail.

INK Labels 4INK4 INK3 INK2

We have also created loads of other types of INK labels to help children successfully self assess. They have all been tried and tested and children love using them. They enjoy having the chance to review the last lesson and/or thinking about what they want to learn next lesson. Have a look at some more INK labels below.

INK Labels 3 INK Labels 2 INK5 INK6

You can click here to download all of the INK labels featured in this blog. Give INK a go in your classroom. It’s such a powerful tool for self assessment. There will be many new INK resources coming soon.

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