Peer assessment, self assessment & target setting resources.

Positive Peer Assessment

“Oh no, we haven’t done any peer assessment for a while!”

How many times as teachers do we realise that we’ve neglected to use any peer or self assessment in our lessons and fear it will reflect badly on us if anyone else finds out?

The issue, though, is finding a way to do regular and effective peer assessment. Solving that issue is something I have been focussed on recently. I mentioned in the ‘How to Peer Assess’ post about using three key areas of peer assessment (WWW, EBI & Next Step).

What I have come up with to help you regularly and effectively peer assess is a ‘Peer Assessment Starters’ poster. Below is the poster, which aims to guide children towards great peer assessment statements. Click the image below to see it more clearly.

PAS Posters 1

Download a copy of this poster.

Regular use of the sentence starters in the poster can be so powerful. I have quickly found that it really helps guide children towards productive and investigative responses to their partner’s work. Also worth mentioning is that on the ‘How to Peer Assess’ poster it importantly does state that the children cannot just make comments about their peer’s spellings or handwriting, or just say “it was nice”,  as this is not going to help their peer improve their work (this is a policy well worth adopting).

I have started to use the ideas from this poster in three ways:

1. Getting the children to swap their books with a peer and then after reading each other’s work they have a conversation where each sentence starts with one of the starters. They can use only one of the three areas (WWW, EBI, NS), or all three.

2. Asking the children to swap books and then write a comment after their peer’s work where each sentence starts with one of the starters on the poster.

3. Copy some of the starters onto a Word document and produce a peer assessment sheet for them to fill in about their peers work. Below is an example of this in practise.

Peer StatementsPeer Sentence Starters


Great peer assessment starts with great guidance. I have found already that the starters on the poster really help guide them towards really helpful peer assessment comments.

The only other concern people have is whether or not the peer assessment will actually have an impact on the children and help them to make progress. To help tackle this area of concern I have also produced a ‘Next Step’ resource for children to stick in their books after they’ve read their peer’s comments about their work and for them to show they are aware of what they need to do to improve. Below is an example of this resource in use.

Next Step PeerPeer Next Step

 Download this resource now.

The ‘Peer Assessment Starters’ and ‘Next Step’ resource are just the start of loads of exciting peer assessment resources we will be launching on this blog. Keep coming back to find more useful assessment tools.

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